2012-01-26  Tomas Mudrunkalogprof update master
2012-01-22  Tomas Mudrunkamore logprof tuning...
2012-01-19  Tomas Mudrunkaexperiment
2012-01-19  Tomas Mudrunkaexperimental complain profile for wine + minor logprof...
2012-01-18  Tomas Mudrunkachromium plugin install
2012-01-18  Tomas MudrunkaManually fixed few strange things
2012-01-18  Tomas Mudrunkabit of logprof tuning...
2012-01-18  Tomas Mudrunka/var/abs/local added to makepkg profile
2012-01-18  Tomas Mudrunkamakepkg profile for safe AUR + firefox tweaks
2012-01-18  Tomas MudrunkaFirefox + Man profile update
2012-01-18  rootFirst version of my ArchLinux Laptop AppArmor profiles
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