2020-04-28  Tomas MudrunkaCreate FUNDING.yml master
2018-10-17  Tomas MudrunkaMerge pull request #27 from AlanZheng/master
2018-10-17  Alancorrect svgedit class name 27/head
2017-02-26  Tomas Mudrunkafix link to svgedit homepage
2017-02-26  Tomas Mudrunkafix unupgradable
2017-02-25  Tomas Mudrunkafix contact info
2017-02-25  Tomas MudrunkaMerge pull request #26 from mprins/patch-1
2016-12-27  Mark Prinsuse rawgit CDN 26/head
2016-06-18  Tomas MudrunkaThis should fix #22 (google code moved to github)
2016-01-16  Tomas MudrunkaMerge pull request #21 from michitux/master
2016-01-16  Michael HamannFix method signatures for PHP 7.0 compatibility 21/head
2015-02-18  Tomas MudrunkaMerge pull request #13 from ambienthack/master
2014-05-20  Tomas MudrunkaSVG-Edit loaded using HTTPS
2014-05-14  Tomas MudrunkaUpdate plugin.info.txt
2014-05-08  Tomas MudrunkaStable svg-edit URL changed upstream
2013-06-23  Ambient HackUpdated script.js to be compatible with 2013-05-10a... 13/head
2012-07-29  HarvieAdded experimental support for aligning images
2011-03-26  HarvieDo not close <object> tag using shorthand
2010-11-25  HarvieAdded svg-edit/ to .gitignore
2010-08-09  HarvieNow resolving relative links to namespaces
2010-06-28  Harvienicer links + titles
2010-06-22  Harvieadded screencast video of some old version
2010-06-22  Harvieadded svg-edit links to README
2010-06-20  Harviereuploaded screenshot
2010-06-20  Harviementioned non-GIT conributor
2010-06-20  Harvieplugin info update (again)
2010-06-20  Harvieplugin info update
2010-06-20  Harviefixed image size detection broken during code deduplication
2010-06-20  Harviededuplicated and cleaned code
2010-06-20  Harviestarted moving svg embeding to function
2010-06-20  Harvieautodetection of image size for inline SVG
2010-06-20  Harvieautodetection of image size for stupid browsers
2010-06-20  Harviecleaned up code after merge
2010-06-18  Peter VazsonyiF: inline svg in firefox _and_ chrome/epiphany
2010-05-26  Harvieplugin info
2010-05-24  Harvieadded screenshot
2010-05-24  Harviefirst commit - plugin is working at least with some... 0.1
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