2020-04-28  Tomas MudrunkaCreate FUNDING.yml master
2015-03-13  Tomas MudrunkaSome obsolete docs moved from google code to be reviewed.
2012-12-17  HarvieSupport for empty cache password
2010-11-19  HarvieRemoved flash fallback message (breaks things in chromium)
2010-11-19  HarvieRemoved border radius from flash mp3 player
2010-11-17  HarvieFlash mp3 player optimized for better user experience
2010-11-08  HarvieTODO: Autodetect music dir URL
2010-11-08  HarvieTODO update: regex hooks, nice URLs, VLC plugin
2010-11-07  HarvieMaked directory names nicer. TODO: unify rendering...
2010-10-29  Harvie$base_url now should always have slash at the end
2010-10-29  HarvieAdded $base_url to fix PATH_INFO issues (still need...
2010-10-29  HarvieAdded experimental PATH_INFO support (will need further...
2010-09-07  HarvieDJ mode improvement
2010-09-07  HarvieAdded "DJ Mode" (splitscreen)
2010-08-25  HarvieSwitched to HTML5 DOCTYPE and meta charset tag
2010-08-02  Harvieadded html5 audio test
2010-08-02  HarvieAdded dates to scripts
2010-08-02  HarvieTODO: nice URLs
2010-07-30  Harvietuned README
2010-07-29  Harviefixed my ugly English
2010-07-29  Harvieadded empty cache.db
2010-07-29  Harviedeleted cache.db from repository
2010-07-28  Harviegithub ribbon now displayed randomly using footer quotes
2010-07-28  Harvieexperimental newbie mode - text is shown on icon hover
2010-07-26  Harvieunderscore matters :-)
2010-07-26  Harviebetter comments in config example
2010-07-26  Harviefixed old link to blog
2010-07-25  Harvienew screenshot
2010-07-25  Harviefixed http_auth.php encoding and version
2010-07-25  HarvieTODO: VLC plugin
2010-07-24  Harviefixed CSS + iconifized another forgotten link
2010-07-22  rootnew version of wp-audioplayer
2010-07-22  Harvieiconifized forgotten links in search results
2010-07-22  Harvietuned filename presentation a bit
2010-07-12  HarvieAdded github ribbon
2010-07-11  Harviebutton column needs to be wider because of search results
2010-07-11  HarvieFilename column is now trying to be as wide as possible
2010-07-11  Harvieadded search icon and fixed issue with border-radius...
2010-07-10  Harvienow using fancy border-radius :-)
2010-07-10  Harviebit improved input boxes
2010-07-10  HarvieUpdated readme
2010-07-10  Harviefixed passing forgotten parameter to render_dir_line()
2010-07-10  Harvieversion bump to 0.3.6
2010-07-10  HarvieSupport for sorting directories
2010-07-10  Harviecleaned up CSS a bit
2010-07-10  Harvieminor css fix of margin
2010-07-10  Harviefixed css icons - now using text-indent
2010-07-10  HarvieCSS fixes: icons and iframes
2010-07-10  Harvienew icon - recursive playlist
2010-07-02  Harviefixed permissions
2010-07-02  Harvieadded nice html5 inputs zdrojak.root.cz/clanky/webdesig...
2010-05-30  Harvieadded .gitignore and .htaccess
2010-05-24  Harviemarkdowned README + screenshot 2nd try
2010-05-24  Harviemarkdowned README + screenshot
2010-05-24  Harviemarkdowned README
2010-05-24  HarvieAdded some documentation (mostly in Czech language)
2010-05-24  Harvieupgraded to version 0.3.5 0.3.5
2010-05-24  Harvieinitial commit - version 2.0 + README added 2.0
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