2020-07-21  Tomas Mudrunkabetter mmap example master
2020-07-16  Tomas Mudrunkaresizable window
2020-07-16  Tomas MudrunkaKeyboard shortcuts
2020-07-16  Tomas MudrunkaPridana detekce keypressu
2020-07-15  Tomas MudrunkaSDL2 example
2020-04-28  Tomas Mudrunkafixed funding links
2020-04-28  Tomas Mudrunkafunding link
2020-03-18  Tomas Mudrunkaallow changes-only mode
2020-03-17  Tomas Mudrunkareadme
2020-03-13  Tomas Mudrunkavoltage note
2020-03-13  Tomas Mudrunkasigrok decoder for caliper
2019-11-06  Tomas Mudrunkaklavesnice pro unikovku
2019-02-25  Tomas Mudrunkanew keypad
2019-02-20  Tomas MudrunkaBomba keypad
2018-08-21  Tomas Mudrunkasvg linearization
2018-07-19  Tomas MudrunkaAdded phase comment to goertzel
2018-07-19  Tomas MudrunkaMerge pull request #2 from dnrhead/goertzelfix
2018-07-13  Frank Mutterchanged sign 2/head
2018-07-13  Frank Mutterchanged q1 and q2 according to the paper of P. Sysel...
2018-06-08  Tomas Mudrunkabomb final
2018-06-07  Tomas Mudrunkabombindent
2018-06-07  Tomas Mudrunkabomb
2018-06-07  Tomas Mudrunkabomba2
2018-06-07  Tomas Mudrunkaexitrum
2017-01-05  Tomas Mudrunkasemestralka
2016-11-05  Tomas Mudrunkagamebook hacker.txt
2016-11-05  Tomas Mudrunkazdrojak gamebook ogb gbook.wz.cz
2016-08-05  Tomas Mudrunkabetter getopts
2016-03-25  Tomas Mudrunkaignore
2015-12-29  Tomas Mudrunkawebsite
2015-10-07  Tomas Mudrunkatty scanner
2015-03-30  Tomas Mudrunkassh-jail builder
2015-03-26  Tomas Mudrunkaremoved junk
2015-03-13  Tomas MudrunkaSimple HAM repeater controller in bash
2015-02-22  Tomas MudrunkaNew manifest for kyberia mail notifier and Makefile...
2014-11-10  Tomas MudrunkaAdded comment
2014-11-10  Tomas MudrunkaMerge pull request #1 from shivajivarma/patch-1
2014-11-10  Shivaji VarmaUpdate winsize.c 1/head
2014-02-11  Tomas MudrunkaNano LD_PRELOAD wrapper
2014-02-11  Tomas MudrunkaTroll23 improvements
2014-02-11  Tomas MudrunkaTroll23 test
2014-02-11  Tomas MudrunkaAVR tests
2014-02-11  Tomas MudrunkaNew arduino sketches
2014-02-10  Tomas MudrunkaSECCOMP exit()
2014-02-10  Tomas MudrunkaSECCOMP docs
2014-02-10  Tomas MudrunkaSECCOMP example
2014-01-27  Tomas MudrunkaSample manpage
2013-11-02  Tomas MudrunkaMoar comments
2013-11-02  Tomas MudrunkaNext version of DHCP prefix delegation compiler
2013-11-02  Tomas MudrunkaScript for compiling DHCP options
2013-10-27  Tomas MudrunkaFixed annoying bugs in beermeter
2013-10-21  Tomas MudrunkaBetter beer statistics
2013-10-21  Tomas MudrunkaMathematics in beermeter
2013-10-21  Tomas MudrunkaBetter beermeter
2013-10-21  Tomas MudrunkaBeermeter
2013-10-17  Tomas MudrunkaAdded php-cgi-su wrapper
2013-04-16  Tomas MudrunkaFTDI USB MIDI connection
2012-08-28  Tomas MudrunkaExperimental switched voltage regulator using arduino...
2012-08-03  HarvieSupport for float frequencies
2012-08-03  HarvieExample of guitar tuner using goertzel and histogram.pl
2012-08-03  HarvieDewrap
2012-08-03  Tomas MudrunkaCode cleanup
2012-08-03  Tomas MudrunkaParralel integration
2012-08-03  Tomas MudrunkaAveraging multiple averages is supercool, but i've...
2012-08-03  Harviesleeplog format update
2012-08-03  HarvieAligned humandebug columns
2012-08-03  HarviePrint current state to plot
2012-08-03  HarvieKill the bitch
2012-08-03  HarvieBashisms FTW
2012-08-03  HarvieCommented unfinished mess
2012-08-03  HarvieAdded some incomplete hack, that is not currently working
2012-08-03  HarvieC gitignore improvements
2012-08-03  Tomas MudrunkaMore data
2012-08-03  Tomas MudrunkaTuned coefs...
2012-08-03  Tomas MudrunkaBit tuning
2012-08-03  Tomas MudrunkaNew sleepmon statistics
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaAsynchronous ploting should have some locking... keep...
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaSleepcount for 300 seconds added. This is when things...
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaSleepcount improved
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaExperimental event counting algo
2012-08-02  Tomas Mudrunkagnuplot cleanup
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaReadme update
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaGnuplot scaling fixed
2012-08-02  Tomas Mudrunkasleepplot stepping fixed
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaSleepmon gnuplot graphing
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaAdded README to Goertzel
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaImproved histogram framesize
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaTreshold inversion + documentation
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaFixed bug in treshold-cross logic
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaImproved output format possibilities
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaFix of dates in sleepmon
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaHistogram improvements
2012-08-02  Tomas MudrunkaRealtime equalizer-like graphing of goertzel output
2012-08-01  Tomas MudrunkaAdded filename output to sleepmon
2012-08-01  HarvieImproved goertzel documentation
2012-08-01  HarvieGoertzel documentation
2012-08-01  HarvieArguments renamed
2012-08-01  HarvieAdded parameter -d to set buffer size proportional...
2012-08-01  Tomas MudrunkaLittle fix
2012-08-01  Tomas MudrunkaModified sleepmon to control screen backlight when...
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