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1 libPurple core-answerscripts plugin
2 - Framework for hooking scripts to respond received messages for various libpurple clients such as pidgin or finch
3 - This simple plugin just passes every single message received by any libPurple-based client (pidgin,finch) to sript(s) in user's home directory... So you can add various hooks to your pidgin or finch without need of writing and compiling own C plugin or messing with buggy perl plugin and restarting client after each change in plugin.
4 - There are already few sample (answer)scripts in purple directory, so you can check how easy it is to write some script for pidgin or finch...
7 Building & installation:
9 - The libpurple header files are needed to compile the plugin.
11 - To build and install :
12 You can compile the plugin using
13 $ make
14 and install it with
15 $ make install
16 This will install it in ~/.purple/plugins so that only the user who install it can use it.
17 $ make user
18 Install main script and sample answerscripts to ~/.purple/answerscripts.d/
20 - To install it for everybody on your computer,
21 $ make
22 $ su
23 # make install PREFIX="/path/to/libpurple" (this command as root user)
24 generally /path/to/libpurple is /usr or /usr/local. If you don't know the path then you can find out using
25 $ whereis libpurple
26 and look for the part before "/lib/".
29 Installing from packages:
30 - ArchLinux:
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