Fixed sending to chatrooms, version bump
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1 #What TODO?
2 * GUI for managing answerscripts with following features
3 * list answerscripts
4 * enable/disable answerscripts (by chmod +x/-x on them)
5 * edit/create/delete answerscripts
6 * install/update/share answerscripts using online git repository (aka script market)
7 * Add more ANSW_ variables and features
8 * Make this answerscript API stable
9 * Port whole idea and plugin to other (non-purple) libraries/clients while maintaining compatibility of existing answerscripts and API
10 * probably move answerscripts out of ~/.purple/ to ~/.config/answ/ or something, so they can be shared between multiple agents
11 * Figure out why is first reply always followed by some ugly binary mess
12 * visible in irssi
13 * but it happens even for messages not sent by this plugin, so probably not my fault
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