[mirrors/libpurple-core-answerscripts.git] / purple / answerscripts.sh
1 #!/bin/sh
3 # This file is called for every message received by libpurple clients (pidgin,finch,...)
4 # Env variables PURPLE_MSG and PURPLE_FROM are passed to this script
5 # Which means you should mind security (don't let attackers to execute their messages)
6 # Each line of output is sent as reply to that message
7 # You can try to rewrite this script in PERL or C for better performance
8 # This script have .exe suffix as i hope it can be eventualy replaced by some binary on windows
10 # Basic example can look like this:
11 # echo "<$PURPLE_FROM> $PURPLE_MSG";
13 # There are lot of hacks that you can do with this simple framework if you know some scripting. eg.:
14 # Forward your instant messages to email, SMS gateway, text-to-speach (eg. espeak) or something...
15 # Smart auto-replying messages based on regular expressions
16 # Remote control your music player (or anything else on your computer) using instant messages
17 # Simple IRC/Jabber/ICQ bot (accepts PM only)
18 # Providing some service (Searching web, Weather info, System status, RPG game...)
19 # BackDoor (even unintentional one - you've been warned)
20 # Loging and analyzing messages
21 # Connect IM with Arduino
22 # Annoy everyone with spam (and probably get banned everywhere)
23 # Anything else that you can imagine...
25 # Maybe you will want to add more hooks for receiving messages, so i've made following script
26 # It just executes all +x files in answerscripts.d directory so you should do your magic there
27 # To disable some of those scripts just use chmod -x script
29 dir="$(dirname "$0")"/answerscripts.d
30 if test -d "$dir"; then
31 for script in "$dir"/*; do
32 test -x "$script" && "$script"
33 done
34 fi
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