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2015-02-18  Tomas MudrunkaDoc update
2011-05-04  HarvieFixed typo in README
2011-05-04  Harvienow we can get status of remote user
2011-02-22  HarvieCleaned up things, RENAMED VARIABLES! now we have ANSW_...
2011-02-21  HarvieFixed: purple_group_get_name() NULL pointer dereference
2011-02-21  HarvieAdded to easily enumerate exported variabl...
2010-09-28  HarvieAdded FROM_GROUP to README
2010-08-29  HarvieMost hackable plugin ;-)
2010-08-29  HarvieNicer README
2010-08-29  HarvieImproved documentation ;o)
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