more fancy menu script example
[mirrors/libpurple-core-answerscripts.git] / answerscripts.c
2010-08-24  Harvieversion bump to 0.3.0
2010-08-24  HarvieENV_PREFIX changed from "PURPLE_" to "ANSW_" as i expec...
2010-08-24  Harvienow using ENV_PREFIX macro instead of hardcoded "PURPLE...
2010-08-24  Harvierenamed "buff" to "message" & added some comments
2010-08-24  Harvienow exporting also status and status message
2010-08-01  HarvieNow .exe extension is used only when building on windoze
2010-06-03  HarvieVersion 0.2.1 fixes small issues and is supposed to...
2010-06-02  HarvieVersion bump
2010-06-02  HarvieMade everything nicer :-)
2010-06-02  Harvieasynchronous execution finaly working
2010-06-02  Harvieversion 0.1.1 - few cosmetic fixes
2010-06-02  Harviealmost ready for async code execution...
2010-06-02  Harviestupid pthread try... i will reimplement it using purpl...
2010-06-02  Harviecommited working version
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