2020-04-28  Tomas MudrunkaCreate FUNDING.yml master
2016-09-11  Tomas MudrunkaMerge pull request #13 from AkselMeola/master
2016-07-20  Aksel MeolaReliable way to not respond to own messages 13/head
2016-04-12  Tomas Mudrunkamore preparation for filters
2016-04-09  Tomas Mudrunkaprepare for antispam
2016-04-09  Tomas Mudrunkagreetings to russian spammers
2016-04-09  Tomas Mudrunkai'd like to see antispam features...
2015-11-04  Tomas Mudrunkadebug msg added
2015-11-04  Tomas MudrunkaVersion bump
2015-11-04  Tomas MudrunkaDisabled workaround for 64b, it may be fixed now. Let...
2015-11-04  Tomas MudrunkaHopefully fixed crash #9. Builds clean now.
2015-03-24  Tomas Mudrunkabetter notification for chatrooms
2015-02-22  Tomas Mudrunkasimplified recoding of entities for notify-send
2015-02-22  Tomas MudrunkaSupport for national alphabets in 00-notify
2015-02-20  Tomas MudrunkaBetter escaping for notify-send
2015-02-19  Tomas MudrunkaEscape notify
2015-02-19  Tomas MudrunkaPidgin icon in notify
2015-02-18  Tomas MudrunkaFixed sending to chatrooms, version bump
2015-02-18  Tomas MudrunkaDoc update
2015-02-18  Tomas MudrunkaProper support for chatrooms and minor fixes
2013-04-21  Jason RodriguezModified ACTION for groupchat
2013-04-20  Jason RodriguezHacked in events for group-chat messages
2012-01-18  HarvieWorkaround for x86_64: inhibit ANSW_AGENT*
2012-01-17  HarvieFixed stupid bug
2012-01-17  HarvieMegaHAL: Added option to prevent learning
2012-01-17  HarvieBit more sanitizing strings passed to MegaHAL
2012-01-17  HarvieVery big commit fixing problems with czech letters...
2012-01-17  HarvieMegaHAL AI answerscript is now much more sophisticated...
2012-01-16  HarvieMegahal: do not wrap...
2012-01-16  HarvieAdded support for MegaHAL AI ChatterBot (Both: Learning...
2011-05-04  HarvieFixed typo in README
2011-05-04  Harvieattempt to fix crash from issue #9
2011-05-04  Harvienow we can get status of remote user
2011-02-22  HarviePrepared presence for getting status of remote user...
2011-02-22  HarvieGreatly improved 10-menu.pl
2011-02-22  HarvieCleaned up development notes from comments
2011-02-22  HarvieCleaned up things, RENAMED VARIABLES! now we have ANSW_...
2011-02-21  Harviemain answerscript is now bit more resistant to IM floods
2011-02-21  HarvieI am using bashisms, so i do need to use #!/bin/bash
2011-02-21  HarvieFixed: purple_group_get_name() NULL pointer dereference
2011-02-21  HarvieImproved 10-menu.pl
2011-02-21  HarvieAdded list_vars.sh to easily enumerate exported variabl...
2011-02-21  HarvieAdded variables AGENT and AGENT_VERSION
2011-02-21  HarvieAdded sh*tload of experimental variables. Now i have...
2011-02-21  HarvieBetter 00-debug.sh
2011-01-18  HarvieFixed crash (NULL pointer dereference)
2010-10-03  HarvieAdded debug answerscript that does not need user to...
2010-10-03  HarvieExperimental fix to avoid sending empty messages someti...
2010-09-30  HarvieAdded FIXME: should return something meaningful when...
2010-09-28  HarvieAdded FROM_GROUP to README
2010-09-28  HarvieCleaned up comments a bit
2010-09-28  HarvieAdded FROM_GROUP to indicate group that buddy belongs to
2010-09-28  Harvieadded some notes for future development
2010-09-28  HarviePorted 10-menu.pl to PERL v5.10
2010-09-28  HarvieMoved some variables from global to local scope in...
2010-09-09  HarviePKGBUILD Now clones with --depth 1 only
2010-08-29  HarvieAdded notes for future porting to windows
2010-08-29  HarvieMost hackable plugin ;-)
2010-08-29  HarvieNicer README
2010-08-29  HarvieRemoved TODO as all tasks have been finished
2010-08-29  HarvieNew answerscript for notify-send
2010-08-29  HarvieNew answerscript for forwarding messages
2010-08-29  HarvieVersion 0.3.1 + Updated plugin description...
2010-08-29  HarvieImproved documentation ;o)
2010-08-29  HarvieAdded new ENV value ANSW_PROTOCOL. Now you can securely...
2010-08-24  Harviemore fancy menu script example
2010-08-24  HarvieNew answerscript that implements few new features ...
2010-08-24  HarvieRenamed scripts to obey rules (numbered filenames)...
2010-08-24  HarvieAutokiss now shuffles if possible
2010-08-24  Harvieversion bump to 0.3.0
2010-08-24  HarviePorted all scripts from PURPLE_ to ANSW_ prefix. Added...
2010-08-24  HarvieENV_PREFIX changed from "PURPLE_" to "ANSW_" as i expec...
2010-08-24  Harvienow using ENV_PREFIX macro instead of hardcoded "PURPLE...
2010-08-24  Harvierenamed "buff" to "message" & added some comments
2010-08-24  Harvienow exporting also status and status message
2010-08-01  HarvieNow .exe extension is used only when building on windoze
2010-06-09  HarvieAdded ArchLinux package ( aur.archlinux.org/packages...
2010-06-03  HarvieVersion 0.2.1 fixes small issues and is supposed to...
2010-06-02  HarvieVersion bump
2010-06-02  HarvieMade everything nicer :-)
2010-06-02  Harvieasynchronous execution finaly working
2010-06-02  Harvieremoved pthread from makefile
2010-06-02  Harvieversion 0.1.1 - few cosmetic fixes
2010-06-02  Harviealmost ready for async code execution...
2010-06-02  Harviestupid pthread try... i will reimplement it using purpl...
2010-06-02  Harviefixed .exe suffix
2010-06-02  Harviecommited working version
2010-06-02  Harviefirst commit
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