parsehosts.c = first step to independent hosts parser
[svn/Prometheus-QoS/.git] / Makefile
2012-10-07  xchaosparsehosts.c = first step to independent hosts parser
2012-10-07  xchaosparselogs, not parselog
2012-10-07  xchaosbegining of code cleanup: more modular source code
2011-02-21  xchaosnew 0.8.3 trunk made from 0.8.2 branch
2008-09-05  xchaos0.8.0 stable branche, 0.8.1 development trunk
2008-03-04  gandalf- Pridani generovani statistik do prometheus.cron
2008-02-02  xchaosmake deb and make tgz works now (RPM directory not...
2008-02-02  xchaos...
2008-02-02  xchaospre-release cleanup
2008-02-01  xchaos-std=c99 -Wall
2008-02-01  xchaosversion 0.7.7-2
2008-01-10  gandalfmodified makefile (install), conf/prometheus
2008-01-08  xchaosok, so make install will work too
2008-01-08  xchaostarget "make deb" + skript pro tvorbu debianiho balicku
2008-01-06  aquariusadded patch needed to run on redhat platforms and added...
2008-01-05  aquariusupdated Makefile and prometheus.spec to include manpage...
2008-01-04  aquariusMakefile edited so now prometheus.cron is installed...
2007-12-08  xchaosreorganizace
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