getting ready for IP6tables support
[svn/Prometheus-QoS/.git] / help.c
068f0e75 1/* Modified by: xChaos, 20130114 */
3#include "cll1-0.6.2.h"
f19d3cd0 5/* ======= Help screen is hopefuly self-documenting part of code :-) ======= */
068f0e75 7void help(void)
9 puts("Command line switches:\n\
11-d Dry run (preview tc and iptables commands on stdout)\n\
12-r Run (reset all statistics and start shaping - daily usage)\n\
13-p just generate Preview of data transfer statistics and exit (after -r)\n\
14-s start Shaping FUP limits (keeps data transfer stat like -p) (after -r)\n\
15-n run Now (like -r delay - overrides qos-free-delay keyword, after boot)\n\
16-f just Flush iptables and tc classes and exit (stop shaping, no QiS)\n\
17-9 emergency iptables flush (like -f, but dumps data transfer statistics)\n\
19-c filename force alternative /etc/prometheus/prometheus.conf filename\n\
20-h filename force alternative /etc/hosts filename (overrides hosts keyword)\n\
21-l Mmm YYYY generate HTML summary of Logged traffic (Mmm=Jan-Dec) (and exit)\n\
22-m generate HTML summary of traffic for yesterday's Month (and exit)\n\
23-y generate HTML summary of traffic for yesterday's Year (and exit)\n\
24-? --help show this help scree (and exit)\n\
25-v --version show Version number of this utility (and exit)\n");
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