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1 How we use Prometheus QoS in Brevnov:
3 1) /etc/hosts
5 1500+ IP addresses are asigned either guaranted speed classes 64, 128, 256
6 and 512 kbps, with various HTB ceil rates, using "via-prometheus-" keyword.
7 Some of IP addresses are set to share connection speed with internet
8 gateway using "sharing-" keyword.
10 2) /etc/prometheus.conf
12 There are daily traffic quotas defined using "magic-relative-limit" value
13 se to 8. This translates into 48h quota 1 GB for 64 kbps lines,
14 2 GB for 128 kbps lines, etc., with unused credit from day before yesterday
15 stored in /var/run/ Soft quotas (fair use policy) are
16 applied (resulting in lower HTB priority) even before hard quotas are reached
17 (magic-relative-prio set to 6, which is less then magic-relative-limit set
18 to 8).
20 Daily limits are applied by running prometheus every day at 3:00 AM. Between
21 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM, there is QoS free period, enabled by "qos-free-delay"
22 value set to 10800. However, yesterday's data transfer statistics are kept
23 in memory while prometheus QoS is iddle in this sleep mode.
25 Undefined IP addresses share 32 kbps guaranted and 64 kbps maximum speed,
26 set using "free-rate" and "free-ceil" keyword.
28 There is QoS-free zone defined using "qos-free-zone" too be
29 This allows for example easy management of gateway from inside this range,
30 or remote management of entire network after ssh to gatway and then another
31 ssh to this zone.
33 We run HTTP proxy at port 3128 of LAN interface of internet gateway. This
34 proxy is inside "qos-free-zone". Because of "qos-proxy-enable",
35 "qos-proxy-ip" (which is actually IP/number of bits of netmask) and
36 "qos-proxy-port" settings, this port is excluded from QoS-free zone.
38 3) NAT
40 Both symetrical and asymetrical NAT is defined by another script file, in
41 iptables nat table (-t nat). Prometheus QoS uses only iptables mangle
42 tables (-t mangle), see FAQ.
44 4) /etc/crontab and related files
46 Every hour, we run prometheus with -p switch to generate preview. On system
47 boot, we run prometheus with -n switch to skip QoS free period.
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