Major rework of make-iptables-restore - uses internal ipcalc (works in redhat too...
[svn/Prometheus-QoS/.git] / conf /
2012-01-04  xchaoslog URL should be absolute now
2011-12-01  xchaosprakticky uz 0.8.4 final
2011-02-21  xchaosnew 0.8.3 trunk made from 0.8.2 branch
2008-03-04  gandalf- Pridani generovani statistik do prometheus.cron
2008-02-05  xchaosnove switche -l, -m a -y misto prometheus-stats
2008-02-02  xchaospre-release cleanup
2008-01-10  gandalfmodified makefile (install), conf/prometheus
2008-01-10  gandalfdirectory 'conf' created and moved any config files...
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