qos free interface list (probably, not tested)
[svn/Prometheus-QoS/.git] / ipstruct.h
2017-11-06  xchaosqos free interface list (probably, not tested)
2017-10-13  xchaosnot tested - initial commit only
2015-03-31  xchaosmore work on aggregation
2015-03-30  xchaosalmost new release (some aggregation related stuff...
2014-08-14  xchaosadded IPv6 support for single /128 addresses of routers...
2014-06-11  xchaosmacro definitions...
2013-11-26  xchaosprometheus.conf upgrade
2013-11-18  xchaossimple iptables based packet limiter to deflect DoS...
2013-10-31  xchaosmore network analysis
2013-10-29  xchaosdate modified
2013-10-29  xchaosnetwork analyzer - first attempt
2013-01-24  xchaospreliminary ipv6 support - not tested
2013-01-15  xchaosgetting ready for IP6tables support
2012-10-11  xchaosmore information in json output (for mailing system)
2012-10-07  xchaosparsehosts.c = first step to independent hosts parser
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